Exterior doors and windows

Our more than sixty years of experience in the production of doors and windows, allows us to offer our customers designs of the highest quality ...


Aluminium doors and windows

We have chosen the world class brands so as to offer you products that are competitively priced, of quality, high performance, energy efficient with ...



Doors made of laminate, wood or glass. For both interior and exterior doors in SANTORO you will find a great variety of solutions with a multitude ...

Scala modulare a giorno con ringhiera su un lato formata da colonne tornite o fresate , caposcala e corrimano in legno. Cierre scale realizza questa struttura dal 1990 dopo lunghi studi e ricerche.


For the elaboration of our products we have chosen the best partners among which is Ci.Erre Scale, which for more than thirty years has been a ...

forgiatura a mano

Wrought iron

For more than 60 years we have transformed iron into authentic works of art. We create products that are fully customized and tailored to your ...


Mosquito nets

Protecting your home from uncomfortable insects is one of the key issues for greater well-being. You will achieve it with our mosquito nets for ...